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Hi everyone – and welcome to The Nutshell; the place to go for a no-nonsense approach to all things social media. My name is Jonathon Stuart; I am 22 years old and an eager social enterprise consultant. What does that mean exactly? Well, my job is to assist companies by enhancing their business models to successfully setup and adopt social technologies. In 2015, a business without a social media presence is doing itself a disservice by not reaching the millions of active social media users. As such, the purpose of this blog is to share some of my thoughts about the industry and social media in general, while simultaneously building a profile for myself. It also gives me an opportunity to express myself and source feedback for my ideas and strategies – be part of and build a community.

I feel I will fall into Gladwell’s ‘Maven’ persona; one who will strive to provide the best and most up to date information possible. I plan to go about this and create useful content, first and foremost, through meticulous research. Then it is simply a matter of transforming that research into content that can be easily absorbed by all. The main roadblock to understanding these topics is the jargon and statistics involved with a social enterprise. The Nutshell is here to cut through waffle and deliver simple yet effective content.

Building an effective community is never easy. One must pass the crucial ‘starting up’ phase, while attracting new members and encouraging commitment are also challenges. Kietzmann posited about the seven functional blocks of social media; Presence, Relationships, Reputation, Groups, Conversations, Sharing and Identity. My goal is to focus on delivering content to encourage conversations and sharing within the community. When push comes to shove, I want to start a discussion to help further everyone’s understanding. Motivating others to share and contribute will always be the critical issue, but people will contribute if they believe it will result in value for them. This is the type of environment I seek to create. Stay tuned!

For reference, there are three main blogs that I frequent. Feel free to check them out – they are well worth a read!
The Information


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